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Posté le 22.02.2019 sur le site DCS dans la partie « fichiers utilisateurs », un pack nommé, WWII MOD COLLECTION.

A6M Zero
B-24 Liberator
B-26 Marauder
Douglas DC-3
Fi 156 Storch
FW-190 A4 /A5
Macchi 205 Veltro
SM-79 Sparrowhawk
Mistubishi G4M
P-38D / L

Par l’auteur, je cite:
« 1) I did not make these MOD’s and I have decided to provide a collection to the group due to many of these having broken links, or otherwise being very difficult to find on the internet.

2) Many of these are « flyable » which I have never really tested too much, so I don’t have the documentation on how to set-up the cockpits etc…you will have to do your own research to determine how to do that. I like to fight them in the proper DCS warbirds, that is why I have them.

3) We all know there are several version of DCS and all I can tell you is that ALL of these run on MY version of DCS. That is a ‘tweaked’ version of 2.5 with many, many add-ons…etc. (The last version before forced deferred shading was implemented) I know that some of these still work on the latest version however, so go on and have a go!
I am very grateful to the creators of all of these great MOD’s and I mean to take ZERO glory for this collection. I am just trying to help. Cheers, have fun! »

Accédez à la page ICI
Le chemin d´installation une fois l´archive dézippée: C:\Users\YOUR NAME\Saved Games\DCS\Mods\aircraft

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